Oat Groats/Berries- 2 lb bag

Oat Groats/Berries- 2 lb bag


2 lb bag Fresh, certified organic whole oat grains.

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Place in your blender or heavy duty processor and blend away till it is like crumbles or chunky powder. Cook like normal oatmeal and enjoy eating whole grain with the germ. Or add applesauce and slowly cook with cinnamon sprinkles! Compare OTHERS for 5 pounds at 10.00 and it is not even organic! Image is of just cooked oat grouts, no blending needed. Use whole in place of rice, noodles or wheat. Use honey on this and heaven is a bite away!

The best tip we got is from HODO chefs, soak for one day then cook like rice and freeze a bunch of it in packets for ready to use. Why are you eating rice from thousands of miles away that rapidly spikes your system? Try the groats for a nice study energy supply. Runners are using them!